What We Believe

The 39th Street Church of Christ is a congregation of people who desire simply to be Christians. We believe and practice the teachings of the New Testament to the very best of our ability. Our worship is simple, friendly and open to all interested visitors. We plan our worship to be reasonable, dignified, ordered and controlled by our knowledge of the Word of God. Our emphasis is on His Word.

We try to be an uncomplicated people. Our worship is patterned after the church revealed in the New Testament. Their worship together consisted of singing together, praying together, preaching and studying God's Word together. This we do each time we assemble to worship Our Heavenly Father. As they did, so we, on each first day of the week (Sunday), partake of the Lord's Supper together. Everyone is invited to participate in each of these spiritual exercises to the best of his ability.

We are a completely autonomous church. We are not controlled, guided, nor governed, either directly or indirectly, by any other group, office or religious body. We do encourage everyone and try to cooperate with any group that faithfully teaches the same Biblical truths and follows restoration principles today.

We own our own building. We believe a church should pay its own way. Our financial responsibilities are met by the simple New Testament method of free-will contributions each Sunday from our members. No financial assessment or record is kept on individual members. We do teach our members to be responsible to the Lord and His church. We do not solicit nor expect our visitors to contribute.