Works We Support

Wayne Brewer, Mabelvale Arkansas
In 2002 the elders at 39th Street were informed of the work which Wayne Brewer had begun with the church in Mabelvale, Arkansas in the Hispanic community.  The congregation here has been associated with Wayne for several years in our yearly lectureship as well as evangelistic endeavors in Latvia and in Costa Rica, thus they were well acquainted with his desires and ability in taking the gospel to others.

As the elders investigated the work they were impressed with the need and prospects of the work and determined to continue support in 2003. We appreciate Wayne's efforts as well as the work of the Mabelvale congregation which oversees the work.

Mike and Diane Richardson
Foreign evangelism

Randy and Beth Watson
Foreign evangelism 

Additional efforts are also supported as the need arises. The 39th Street congregation has always been active and involved in the spreading of the gospel throughout the world in local and foreign efforts.


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